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Our newsletters are published weekly. Copies of current and past editions can be downloaded from here.

If you would like the newsletter emailed to you, please contact us

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

newsletter-2018-07-25.pdfStrathpine West State School 25 June 2018newsletter-2018-07-2525/06/2018871 KB
newsletter-2018-07-18.pdfStrathpine West State School 18 June 2018newsletter-2018-07-1818/06/2018979 KB
newsletter-2018-06-04.pdfStrathpine West State School 4 June 2018newsletter-2018-06-044/06/20181058 KB
newsletter-2018-05-21.pdfStrathpine West State School 21 May 2018newsletter-2018-05-2121/05/2018832 KB
newsletter-2018-05-14.pdfStrathpine West State School 14 May 2018newsletter-2018-05-1414/05/2018895 KB
newsletter-2018-05-08.pdfStrathpine West State School 8 May 2018newsletter-2018-05-088/05/2018782 KB
newsletter-2018-04-30.pdfStrathpine West State School 30 April 2018newsletter-2018-04-3030/04/2018745 KB
newsletter-2018-04-23.pdfStrathpine West State School 23 April 2018newsletter-2018-04-2323/04/2018745 KB
newsletter-2018-04-17.pdfStrathpine West State School 17 April 2018newsletter-2018-04-1717/04/2018630 KB
newsletter-2018-03-19.pdfStrathpine West State School 19 March 2018newsletter-2018-03-1919/03/2018758 KB
newsletter-2018-03-12.pdfStrathpine West State School 12 March 2018newsletter-2018-03-1212/03/2018853 KB
newsletter- 2018-03-05.pdfStrathpine West State School 5 March 2018newsletter- 2018-03-055/03/2018985 KB
newsletter-2018-02-19.pdfStrathpine West State School 19 February 2018newsletter-2018-02-1919/02/2018851 KB
newsletter-2018-02-12.pdfStrathpine West State School 12 February 2018newsletter-2018-02-1212/02/2018755 KB
newsletter-2018-02-05.pdfStrathpine West State School 5 February 2018newsletter-2018-02-055/02/20181145 KB
newsletter-2018-01-29.pdfStrathpine West State School 29 January 2018newsletter-2018-01-2929/01/2018724 KB
newsletter-2018-01-22.pdfStrathpine West State School 22 January 2018newsletter-2018-01-2222/01/2018790 KB