​Solid Pathways 

Solid Pathways -STEM is an innovative program specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 4 - 6. The objective is to support, nurture and encourage high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to continue their academic success. Aligning with the Advancing Education Plan, Solid Pathways - STEM provides students with the opportunities they need to develop as problem solvers, critical thinkers and harness a passion for change and innovation.

Solid Pathways - STEM uses the stimulating and interactive real time online learning platform (iSee) to deliver the program and enable students to collaborate with other like-minded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Solid Pathways - STEM focusses on authentic, real-world challenges and current research designed to extend and ignite student interest and learning beyond the Australian Curriculum.  The program is underpinned by critical and creative thinking skills and draws on best proactive inquiry-based learning, whilst embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

Solid Pathways - STEM offers four course rounds throughout the year. The courses offered focus on the delivery of enrichment and enhancement programs in which students can build a portfolio of learning experiences and participate in problem-based learning opportunities.  Each course consists of 8 to 9 lessons.  Each week students attend one 60 minute weekly live online teacher-facilitated lesson. 

Who is eligible to Participate?

To be eligible for entry into Solid Pathways - STEM students must:

- be in Year 4, 5 or 6 and attend a Queensland State School;

- identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person and

- all new Year 4 and 5 students must have achieved A or B in Science and/or Maths in their most recent report card OR

​- all new Year 6 students must have achieved A or B in Science and Maths in their most recent report card.

Deadly Choices

In 2023 Deadly Choices program officers will be delivering health education programs​ at our school.  All programs and associated activities are free of charge.

Deadly Choices programs include:

Deadly Choices Junior Healthy Lifestyle Program - a health education program aimed at giving participants the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices, whilst supporting participants to be positive role models and mentors for their families, peer group and community by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Deadly Choices Junior Tobacco Education Program - through an animated series, the program aims to educate young people about their cultural history, harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and how they can support those around them with their quit journey.

Deadly Choices Junior Good Quick Tukka Program - an interactive, activity based program to educate and upskill participants in the importance of good nutrition, how to make healthy food choices and support others to do the same.

Deadly Choices Traditional Indigenous Games Program - aims to build on cultural knowledge and create change through positive messages that focus on how we as individuals and communities can make healthy lifestyle choices.

Deadly Choices Junior DC FIT Program - a group based exercise program aimed to increase participants physical activity levels and healthy lifestyle knowledge in a culturally safe and supportive environment.

Participants are rewarded with program incentives upon completion of each program, subject to full attendance, good behaviour and school attendance.  Programs within schools will be run during school hours and across any given term.

All participants are encouraged and supported to complete a routine health check.  If you have any queries regarding the program, please contact your local Deadly Choices team or email  Additionally if you would like to know more about the program go to the website

Last reviewed 17 March 2023
Last updated 17 March 2023