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Strathpine West State School is inclusive in providing support to students in many areas of learning. 
Student Support Services respond to the children in our school community who have additional needs.
The areas in which Student Support Services will provide support for students in 2017 are;
·        Reading – focused and intensive reading intervention for students to develop reading skills that enable access to all aspects of curriculum learning.
·        Phonological awareness – focused and intensive intervention for students to develop letter and sound knowledge for reading, spelling and writing.
·        Communication - intensive speech and language intervention programs to improve student skills in communication for curriculum learning and social interaction.
·        Social and emotional wellbeing  - intensive social skills intervention programs to support students with a range of social and emotional needs.
·        Motor coordination – fine motor (small muscle movements), gross motor (large muscle movements) and perceptual motor (sensory integration) skill development to support student access to curriculum learning.
·        Indigenous funded literacy support
·        Support for students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Strathpine West State School is committed to providing inclusive education, this means that all students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the whole school experience in the least restrictive way. 

The school’s Student Support Services provide support to students who have been referred by their current or previous class teachers when needing additional support.  Many of our students have additional needs that are managed by classroom teachers who make adjustments to the environment and learning experiences.

Children with additional needs such as learning difficulties, disabilities and social or emotional challenges are supported by Student Support Services to help them access their education on the same basis as their peers. Student Support Services also manage the supported play programs available at every break time. 

All students at Strathpine West State School have the opportunity to access supported play programs.  These occur in the different coloured STAR rooms around the school and include activities such as art and craft, computer games, board games, dance and outdoor games.


To see additional information regarding our Student Support Services, please access the links below.


Department of Education and Training Inclusive Education Policy Statement.pdf (75kb)

Whole School Approach to Support Student Learning.pdf (156kb)

Star Room Posters.pdf (121kb)